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Hiring Professionals to Install Your Gas and Water Lines in Norwalk and Huron, Ohio

Firelands Plumbing: 40 Years of Experience in Sandusky, Ohio

Water lines and gas lines are some of the most important installations in any home. Firelands Plumbing suggests that you do not take on a project like this by yourself. We have the plumbers and equipment needed to install gas and water lines safely. We also want to save you money and time, so if you need a new or replacement installation of water lines and gas lines, call (419) 624-0736.

Professional Experience Installing Water Lines in Sandusky, Norwalk, & Huron, Ohio

Water lines are located in the ground and connect to the tank, which holds the water for your home or business. It is important that they are installed correctly with the right pipes so that your residential or commercial area has water in it. With over 40 years of collective experience, our team has been installing water lines correctly and at a low cost to you. If we cannot install your waterline, then you do not have to pay! Firelands Plumbing strives to give great customer service in a prompt and efficient manner. If you are having trouble installing your waterline and need to call a professional – which we recommend – call Firelands Plumbing. We will respond to you that day!

Installing Your Gas Lines for Comfort & Safety in Erie, Huron, Ottawa, & Sandusky Counties

Gas line installation is important to make your home a comfortable place to live. The gas lines provide you with a way to heat and cook in your home or business. It is imperative for your safety that there are no leaks or spaces in your gas lines. That is where Firelands Plumbing comes in. Our team of plumbers will answer your call right away to come and give you a consultation on installing your gas lines. In order to heat and work in the residential or commercial building you are residing in, you need gas lines and water lines to be installed and work properly. So call Firelands Plumbing to give you advice or install your lines for you!
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